Town of Rumney New Hampshire

Upcoming Town Meetings and Notices

February 1 - Selectmen's meeting, 6:30 pm Russell Elementary School - 7:00 - Public Budget Hearing and Public Bond Hearing

February 15 - Selectmen's meeting, 6:30 pm Town Hall

February 23 - Planning Board meeting 7:00 - email for Zoom link

March 9 - Town Elections

March 11 - Town Meeting

Resident's Forum with the Selectmen

The Selectmen hold a Resident's Forum on the first Monday of each month at the beginning of their regular meeting.

Between 7:00 and 7:15 residents have an opportunity to talk with the selectmen about town issues and concerns or ideas they may have.
No appointment is necessary.
Fire Department Permits/Inspections Required

Contact the Fire Department for permits or inspection for the following:

• Blasting in Rumney - permit required

• Commercial tent usage - inspection required

• Fireworks displays - some require permits and/or license to display. Review Fireworks Safety Guidelines

• Gas and Oil installations/replacements - requires permits. All heating units require inspection

• All campfires and brush fires need a permit

call (603) 786-9924 or (603) 715-4675

Pay Online

The Town of Rumney accepts Motor Vehicle Renewals and Dog Registrations online.

A service fee of 2.95% with a $1.95 minimum will be applied to all credit card transactions. A service fee of $0.95 will be applied to ACH/e-check transactions.

You can also pay your Property Taxes online.