Town of Rumney New Hampshire

Rumney Tax Collector

Tax Collector

Lila Williams — Term expires 2022

Dawn Coffey — Deputy Tax Collector

Monday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday & Friday: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Tuesday and Thursday non public hours.
Pay Online

The Town of Rumney accepts Motor Vehicle Renewals and Dog Registrations online.

A service fee of 2.95% with a $1.95 minimum will be applied to all credit card transactions. A service fee of $0.95 will be applied to ACH/e-check transactions.

You can also pay your Property Taxes online.

Contact Information
PO Box 275
Rumney, NH 03266
Phone: (603) 786-2237
Or visit us at 79 Depot Street

Online Tax Kiosk
2020 Taxes

The first bill of 2020 will be mailed out mid-May and is due late June.

The final tax rate for 2019 was set at $22.94

When making payments at the town office, we can only accept cash or checks. To pay by credit card you must use the Online Tax Kiosk.

If you would like to pre-pay your taxes (per RSA 80:52-a), you can quickly calculate how much your payment should be:

Previous Year's FINAL tax bill:
Quarterly Payments: ${{ (lastYearFinalRate / 4).toFixed(2) }}
Monthly Payments: ${{ (lastYearFinalRate / 12).toFixed(2) }}
Weekly Payments: ${{ (lastYearFinalRate / 52).toFixed(2) }}
Rumney Tax Rate History
Tax Year Town School State Ed County Total
Tax Maps

These are the tax maps for the Town of Rumney.

There is a computer at the Town Office that the public may use for viewing assessing information and the town website.

The tax maps below were last updated April 2018.

Click on either the square within the Reference or on the link below for the map you wish to view.


  • Maps are for assessment purposes - not for deed descriptions or legal conveyance of property.
  • For accurate property descriptions, please refer to property deeds and/or land surveys.
  • Maps are for personal use only and are not to be sold by any person or agency.
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