Town of Rumney New Hampshire

Rumney Police Department

Department Staff
Greg Patten - Police Chief
Janet Sherburne — Secretary
Officer Kevin Maes
Contact Information
77 Depot Street
PO BOX 175
Rumney, N.H. 03266
Business: (603) 786-2149
Dispatch: (603) 786-9712
Emergency Contact

If you go on vacation, does anyone know how to get a hold of you? Are contractors, family friends or others going to be at your home while you are away? Do the police have that information in the event something happens at your home or business? Do you have an alarm system that makes contact with the Police Department if there is a fire, low temperature, or burglary? Is there anyone in your home with a medical alarm necklace?

If you answer yes, and you want the Police Department to know who to contact in case of emergency, all you need to do is let us know. Click on the link above, fill out the form and send us the information. We'll keep it in our files in case of an emergency.

Good Morning, Rumney!

The Good Morning, Rumney! program is an opportunity for citizens to take an active role in looking out for their neighbors. It is designed to be an interactive well-being check open to all Rumney residents. For our elderly residents, Good Morning, Rumney! will provide an opportunity to have daily contact with a member of the Rumney Police Department in the form of a telephone call or a follow-up check in visit.

Residents who enroll would call in to the department at a designated number by 10:00am daily to let us know they are well and how they are doing. If we do not hear from you, we will follow-up with a telephone call or a visit to make sure all is well.

There is no cost for this public service. If you or someone that you know would benefit from this program, please contact the Police Department at 786-2149 or